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Get the best garage door repair services available in Columbus, OH. We take care of springs, openers, panels and much more. Yes, the Columbus Locksmith Pros work on garage doors too!! We have been proudly servicing garage doors in the Columbus area for years now. Get the lowest rates from professional garage door specialists. Localized services that can get there fast and get the work done on time. We handle all of the top brands Amarr, Chamberlain Liftmaster, Clopay Pro-Series, Craftsman, Genie, Linear, Overhead Door, LiftMaster Openers, Sommer, Wayne Dalton and Windsor.

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Common Garage Door Issues They Handle*

1. Your Garage Door Goes Down Quicker Than Usual, And Often With A Loud Crash

Don’t you hate it when this happens? The generated noise alone can wake up your family, and even neighbors who certainly will not appreciate this garage door problem. There are two possibilities on why your garage door seems to “fall down” on its own- first, the cables that hold and connect the tension springs on the door may be broken. Second, the tension spring itself is broken or has snapped. Tension springs are important since they counter the weight of the door when it is closing down. In either situation, the help of an expert garage door repair is needed because trying to fix this may be dangerous if untrained.

2. Your Automatic Garage Opener Operates, But the Garage Door Doesn’t Budge

It’s like a stubborn spirit has taken over your garage door- you ask for it to open, and the door opener complies, but the door itself seems to have a mind of its own. What happens in this case? Well, most garage door openers have a disconnect switch in the event of power failure, and this neat mechanism allows you to close or open the garage door manually. The switch is tied to a knob or a piece of rope that sometimes fall out of the hook. Try this quick fix of opening or closing the door all the way, then locate and fasten the hook securely in place. Grab your transmitter, then try to see if it works this time.

3. Your Photo Eye Needs Alignment

Your garage door has eyes, or “photo eyes” on either opposite sides. These two eyes communicate directly with each other through beams, and when that continuous beam is broken, then the garage door thinks something is wrong and doesn’t close. If your garage door will not close, then try to see if these photo eyes are dirty, or are not seeing each other.

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4. Your Garage Door Simply Doesn’t Go Up

Talk about frustrating. Your garage door refuses to cooperate and clams up, refusing access to your vehicle. Garage doors can be quite heavy, but what makes them go up and down? If you answer garage door opener, then that is incorrect. It is actually the door springs that do the heavy lifting and operating. Garage doors come and are installed with a couple of torsion springs. These two springs work in tandem and do a job of lifting that heavy garage door easily for you. So when either of these two torsion springs snaps off or break, the door opener struggles with the herculean task of lifting the door open, or may not try to open the door at all. Although this is one of the most common garage door problems people experience, calling a garage door expert may be the wiser choice instead of trying to fix it yourself.

5. Your Transmitter Doesn’t Transmit

You try to open the garage door with your transmitter, and it doesn’t work. You start hopping up and down in a fury, but have you thought about getting fresh batteries first and trying it again? People understandably forget that a transmitter still needs external power for it to function, and that energy source is finite. This also applies to the wall-mounted transmitter inside your garage. Notice when the power runs out on the transmitter, and you may need to replace the transmitter on the wall as well because most likely, both were installed at the same time. The solution? Replace with new ones, then try it again.

6. Your Garage Door Closes and Opens At Random

This particular problem can be quite disturbing. Check out a few of the possible culprits, such as your transmitter. Examine them closely and see if the mechanisms are not stuck, or if a minute object is not causing the buttons to depress at random times. Also, check its frequency- a neighbor might have the exact same frequency and your signals are probably jumbling and mixing with each other’s garage doors. Call a garage door expert if the issue still stumps you.

7. Your Automatic Garage Opener Operates For Some Time, Then Shuts Off And The Garage Door Doesn’t Budge

You may hear the motor running and trying to get the door up but nothing is happening. What happens is exactly that, and there may be several reasons for this pesky problem. You can start by checking the springs for any signs of damage. Also, examine the tracks for any irregularities, or obstacles that prevent it from opening. If you have tried both and they seem to be in good shape, then you may double-check and see if your make and model of garage door have built-in locks that have been accidentally turned on. These security locks are popular and in most older garage door types, and they can be quite easy to engage by accident.

8. Your Garage Door Closes Halfway, Then Opens Up Again

Your garage door has a safety feature that prevents accidental crushing of objects that are in its path. Ordinary objects such as toys and trash, but your tracks can also build up debris such as mud, gum or coat hangers. Make sure the track’s path and the ground are clear of obstructions.

9. Your Garage Door Closes Completely But Opens Immediately

No, it’s not aliens who are playing with your garage door, but something more logical. More specifically, the cause of this annoying problem is the close and open limit settings that were set on your garage door opener. This useful range dictates how far your garage door should travel, or move before the “full close”. Set the limit too high, and the garage door will smash into the pavement prematurely, as the garage door opener thinks it has hit something, then safety measures will dictate that it should go back up to prevent an accidental crushing. See your garage door’s manual and check how to adjust the settings accordingly.

10. Your Tracks Are Out Of Alignment

This garage door problem poses a very serious issue for you and your family’s health, so make sure to contact a professional garage door repair service immediately. The metal tracks that the door slides on needs to be perfectly aligned for your door to function. A physical check-up may reveal gaps on the rollers or a bent rail that needs urgent attention. The garage door’s weight can further multiply the damages if left by itself for a period of time.

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I was getting ready to leave for work an the garage door would not open. I noticed the spring of the garage door had broke. I thought I was going to have to call off. But then I called these guys.

They were there within 30 minutes and done in less the 45 minutes. I was only about 20 minutes late to work, it worked out great. Thanks guys!!

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