The Importance Of Rekeying Your Locks

The first line of security that’s endowed on a business premises or home is the locks that are on the entry doors. If you can’t maintain and ensure the integrity of your locks, you can’t hope to restrict unauthorized or unwanted entry. Most security professionals and certified locksmiths like our  at Diamondback Lock and Key in Scottsdale, encourage people to have their locks rekeyed after moving to a new house/office, or if any unexpected circumstance like loss of keys occurs. In this article, we are going to give you the importance of rekeying your locks;

1. Provides Enhanced Security

Security is the most important reason for rekeying your locks. Well, even though you’re given keys to a new apartment, office or house, you’ve no idea just how many people out there have copies of those keys. The previous occupant might have kept some spare keys or there might still be other keys in circulation. For instance, some keys might be with ex-girlfriends, family members, caregivers, cleaning companies, neighbors, landscaping crews, among others. Rekeying your locks will give you total control over who can gain access into your home or office. Moreover, you’ll know for sure that you’re the only one with the key(s) to the freshly configured locks. Rekeying also allows you to fully control distribution of the new keys.

2. It’s Cost Effective

When it comes to cost, rekeying is quite cost effective, especially when compared to lock replacement. You will save plenty of cash by rekeying the locks rather than changing all the handles and the lock hardware, especially when dealing with multiple locks. This is particularly true for the high end handles and lock options. Designer locks and handles can be very expensive, and rekeying them instead of replacing can save you lots of money.

3. It’s Faster than Replacing Locks

Rekeying locks is much faster than replacing them. It takes about half the amount of time to rekey locks as to replacing them. Moreover, locksmiths can rekey your premises or home immediately, whereas you’ll have to wait for a significant period of time to have the locks replaced, especially if the hardware has to be shipped from overseas.

4. Convenience

Rekeying is very convenient as you don’t have to carry many keys in order to open multiple locks. When you’ve the locks rekeyed by a certified locksmith, they can be professionally rekeyed so that you can conveniently use one key to open all your locks; this adds a level of convenience to your day to day activities.

5. Lets You Keep Your Old Hardware

If your office or home has (old) designer locks and handles which tie into the home’s or office’s wider aesthetics, then, rekeying is the ideal option. If you choose to replace the locks and handles, you might not be able to actually find the exact same design in the market today. By opting to rekey the locks, you will be able to keep your old designer hardware.

Overall, rekeying is the most effective means of ensuring the security of your home or office. It’s also cost effective, straightforward, and not as time consuming as lock replacement. The best way get your locks rekeyed is by procuring the services of a certified locksmith. Certified locksmiths could be a little bit expensive, but you’ve a guarantee of top notch results, especially when you are dealing with complex locks.

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