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Home automation is all the rage these days. It seems like every-time I browse the internet I find some sort of cool app that controls some sort of device in my life. From products like Nest that control your thermostat with an app on your phone, to products like garage door openers that tell you when you leave the garage open, or a dish washer that tells you when you need to add detergent or clean out the lint, the internet of things is coming on quick. Home security is no different as lock manufactures are rushing to replace one of the most humble and important part of peoples everyday lives, the door lock. While systems like these have been in place in corporate arenas for decades with the use of access control systems, technology and manufacturing has gotten to the point that these gadgets are now affordable for everyday home-owners.

Check out some of the coolest smart locks to hit the market in the past few years. They have some nice benefits, the best being that you will never need keys again! I like the idea of being able to text my friends or relatives a key to their phone when I go on vacation, or to a serviceman to enter when I can’t make it home for an appointment. Some of these products will even text you when someone enters your home. Say goodbye to the locks of old, the futures smarter locks are here!

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