How Much Does It Cost For Front Door Lock Replacement

Types of Front Door Locks, Their Cost and Cost of Repair

When it comes to calling in locksmiths, the cost is usually one of the main things that people look for apart from the services being offered. In this case since labor and the cost of the front door lock repair should be considered separately, looking in at the different types of front door locks should be considered and the right one chosen for a home.

Five lever mortise deadlock

This is the most common type of front door lock that people usually use in their homes. This is for the simple reason that when you use this lock you are assured of a secure way into your home. In the five lever mortise deadlock the lock is usually embedded into an opening in the door and the cover plates are then fitted onto both sides of the frame door. However to be sure of the number of levers the lock has, look into the face plate as it will be indicated there. When it considering how much does it cost for front door lock replacement? Looking into the fact that the five lever mortise deadlock is $ 24 and that it needs some serious work the repair will cost about $100.

The rim automatic dead latch with a key locking handle

The rim automatic dead latch is usually mounted inside the front door of the house. in it there is usually a cylinder that connects to the lock and all the way to the Key hole. When asking for a repair this is usually one of the best upgrades as it is not only secure but also easily accessible to you using the key from both sides. With the fact that it has no springs to be operated on the bolt, it can then only be operated by a Key. When it comes to how much does it cost for front door lock replacement when it comes to the rim automatic dead latch? With the fact that the front lock comes in a price range of $ 42, the normal charge is usually at around $100 to get a good repair and re installation.

Entry lock-set

This is basically a look that has been embedded in to an opening in the front door. In this case however it usually has two door knobs with which can be operated from both inside and outside. On the outside the entry lock-set usually needs a key for opening and closing purposes. However when it comes to the inside area of the entry lock-set, a turning button is usually used for closing and opening purposes. This type of lock is best for homes that already have a main gate. This is for the simple reason that it only offers medium security to a home by the roadside. In this case when looking at how much does it cost for front door lock replacement on an entry lock-set? The answer is that it is quite cheap ranging at$ 15- 38 depending on which you prefer, in this regard the repair for the front door lock is at $80 give or take.

Surface mounted deadbolt lock

This is usually one of a kind type of front door lock. This is for simple reason that it comes with own hardware to ensure security is at the highest level. The surface mounted deadbolt lock comes in a square shape and in embedded in the inside and outside of door. However its uniqueness comes as it does not slide onto the door frame. Rather it goes into the other side of the surface mounted strike. On the inside a knob can be used to open and close it while on the outside a key must be used. Considering how much does it cost for front door lock replacement? The answer is quite fair at $30 upwards, even though it has a lot of hardware as compared to other front door locks. In this regard its repair cost is usually at $100-150s depending on the repair company.

However when choosing a front door knob, it is fair to look into security system of the neighborhood before choosing one. In this case asking the repair company can come in handy as they are well equipped and know what exactly works. On the other hand even though some repairs can be done on your own complex repairs or changing of locks a locksmith should be called, as security is guaranteed for a long time to come.

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