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We are the #1 choice for Schlage lock repair, replace and install services in Columbus Ohio! No one knows Schlage locks better than the Columbus Locksmith Pros. Low rates for changing, rekeying and replacing old locks as well.


Schlage is a leading locks and security systems provider in the US. The company offers all types of locking arrangements for securing physical possessions whether they are in residences, offices, or factories. These locking arrangements include both traditional as well as contemporary varieties.

Columbus Locksmith Pros Services Many Types of Schlage Locks

Chains, cables, and padlocks

These are traditional locking systems, which are effective for specific functions, like locking factory doors, traditional garages, warehouses, etc. This type of locking system is also used for augmenting the contemporary locking systems. Heavy duty variety of padlocks keeps the intruders outside for longer in such cases. Security chains and cables help to fasten the materials on any open trucks or other transport vehicles. Padlocks are useful to prevent the material falling off from such fastening arrangement.


These are different from conventional bolts, which were easy to open with force. Schlage’s deadbolts are actually bolts combined with locking arrangements. These locking arrangements are suitable for bathroom doors, bedroom doors, and also the main door. Schlage has incorporated its unique patented technology called “Snap and Stay” in these locks, making locking considerably easier unlike the padlocks which require some effort for closing the lock and using the key for locking as well.


This type of lock is similar to deadbolts but it does not have any number keypad for locking the door. The knob is also useful for opening or closing the door like a handle. Effectively, this is multifunctional locking system. The locking arrangement included in the knob becomes functional when the part with keyhole is pressed or the knob is turned in one direction. There is a keyhole on the knobs to open the door.


Like knobs, these locking arrangements are also multifunctional serving as a handle as well, with a keyhole provided to lock them. But unlike knob type of locks, key is essential for locking the lever.


Unlike the lever locks, which entail up and down movement of the handle, handsets entail forward and backward movement. It includes arrangement for preventing the door from locking people out. The locking arrangement is provided in a separate part.

Connected locks

These are modern locks that secure the locker or other doors using electronic technologies. Internet connections are used for opening or closing these locks. They have keypads for different locking and unlocking arrangements.


These locks mimic the technologies in smartphones and tablets for fingerprint recognition. There is a keypad for unlocking these doors, with a specific code.


Like the touchscreens, these contemporary locks do not require keys, because the keypad facilitates locking and unlocking.

Schlage’s locks come in different sizes, designs, and colors to blend with different types of interiors. There are sleek modern varieties as well as ornate traditional varieties of these locks. The company is also developing a lock based on sensing the presence of the person and providing access based on such sensing technologies.

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I always buy Schlage locks whenever I need a lock. When I called around a lot of locksmiths in Columbus didn't seem to have them. So I was really happy that I found these guys. Very nice people and the prices were very fair as well.

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